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Beaconsfield Primary School

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School Council

At Beaconsfield Primary School, we value the ideas, opinions and contributions of all pupils in our school and believe that they should play a key role in making our school the best place that it can be for them. This aligns with our values as a Rights Respecting School where all children have the right to have their voices heard, listened to and be taken seriously (UNCRC Article 12).

Our School Council strengthens the relationship and communication between pupils and staff and is made up of two representatives (School Councillors) from each class in Years 2 to 6 (including Dolphin Class). Being a School Councillor is an excellent opportunity for children to develop their personal skills, teamwork and responsibility.

At the beginning of the year, pupils who are interested in becoming a School Councillor must complete an application form and then present a short speech to their class. An in-class election will then take place to decide who will take on these roles. Pupils in Years 5 and 6 may apply for the position of Chair and Vice Chair and these are elected by the School Councillors during the first School Council meeting after giving a speech. All School Councillors can be identified by the special badge that they wear.

The School Council meets at least twice every half term to discuss issues and that the School Councillors have collected from their classes. During these meetings, actions are set and minutes are recorded that are distributed to all classes to be shared and a copy is freely available to view on the School Council Notice Board.

Some of the things our School Council have been involved in over the last few years include:

  • Organising a ‘Bring Your Toy to School Day’
  • Organising and judging a ‘Decorate a Door’ competition for Christmas
  • Choosing what after school clubs they would like to be run
  • Working alongside the Eco-Warriors to clean up the playground
  • Working alongside the Playground Buddies to organise lunchtime activities
  • Fundraising events for the school and other charitable causes

Projects in the pipeline include:

  • Designing and creating an outdoor Reading Area.
  • Organising another ‘Bring Your Toy to School Day’
  • Holding a ‘No Pen Day’